Bea World Festival
Czech Republic
Client company:
AV MEDIA EVENTS, Stones Catering, PVA Expo Praha, Exposale
Organising company:
AV MEDIA EVENTS, Stones Catering, PVA Expo Praha, Exposale

The Event

We listened to our customers’ call for inspiration and organized a three-day event in cooperation with other top event suppliers. By the creative concept of a story we presented the latest trends.

Unifying 3 event services suppliers with venue to share the clients was the new idea we brought to life in January 2018. Concept of this first edition was an event expo, where clients could come anytime and explore firsthand. As we wanted to make the event again, we had to improve the concept and find something new to attract as many clients from companies and event agencies as possible. So we came with the story of creating the world transferred to the story of creating the event. We wanted to show the latest trends, educate technologies and introduce all different kinds of events which can be organized in PVA EXPO. We figured out 12 interactive stations covering technologies, decorations, food & drinks and special constructions. Some station were extraordinary: LED cave created from LED screens on almost each side with special content showing 3D simulations of exhibition hall layouts. After the end LED wall split into two parts leading guests to the Garden of Eden.