Client company:
Organising company:
Stargate Group Werbeagentur GmbH

The Event

Anniversary event in Salzburg (AT); 200 key clients / int. top-level management; Strengthening awareness as global aerospace leader in designing, developing, manufacturing advanced aircraft components

Formal contents were an integrative part of the event, but were all conveyed by creative interpretation and innovative technology. From visuals, music, decor, acts to the food: the emotional guest experience was set as guideline for the event design and tied it all together.

– presentation of focus topics only by multimedia shows/acts
– height-adjustable stages for 2-floor-seating
– oversized stage-LED-wall in cockpit design

– over-stage projection-tube incl. color-adjustable LED-rings
– 360° projections

– (3D) video-animations incl. customized audio, incl. performance mapping of artists
– audio balance of tradition vs. modern: classic/orchestral vs. electro/deconstructed

– “the world at one table” dinner gala
– international cuisine as a multi-sensual experience per continent (audio, video)
– long tables instead of gala-seating encouraging networking

– EHang live experience: exhibition of an autonomous aerial vehicle
– first corporate drone show in AT