Bea World Festival
Grand Park Hotel Rovinj Gala Opening

Grand Park Hotel Rovinj Gala Opening

Client company:
Maistra Hospitality Group
Organising company:
Mad Props

The Event

In order to commemorate the opening of new Grand Park Hotel Rovinj and promote Rovinj as a luxury destination, our task was to organize a 5-day spectacular event, for VIP’s, media, B2B and B2C.

In order to create an extraordinary musical evening event on the Mulini Beach, we created an impressive concert zone with a stage floating on the sea, positioned on the 50m wide boat, with a 14m transparent dome as a roof above the stage, connected to the beach by pontoons.
Framing the 14m dome from both sides, were 2 blocks of scenography elements, each constructed out of LED screens. Together with the specially designed light equipment, with over 200 different devices, this remarkable setup created a one of a kind visual show on the sea surface. Different colors emerging from the light equipment, changing within each of the songs, when projected on the dark blue, rippled sea and surrounded by the darkness of the night, provided a truly unique experience to over 2000 guests who witnessed this audio-visual performance.
Monte Mulini Beach was never before used as a concert venue, so this event opened up new perspectives and event possibilities for the client in the future.