Client company:
Alter Domus
Organising company:
VO Event

The Event

To celebrate its 15th anniversary, reinforce the collaboration and the engagement, Alter Domus asked VO Event to bring together 2,000 employees from across the world for a 3-day trip in September 18.

Given this particular context, our guiding principle from the outset was that Alter Domus needed more than a 3-day incentive in order to achieve the expected level of bond between the participants. We therefore proposed to work way upstream in the preparation of the project so as to develop a strong interaction process that would consolidate the federative impact at the event itself. We achieved this by building a customized online platform that hosted workshops for several months, composed of international and cosmopolitan teams. This first phase on online meetings acted as ice-breakers initiating inter-office connections so as to maximize the engagement and participant expectations.

For the concept, we proposed a decisively forward-thinking message: “today you are 15 years old, so let’s look ahead into the next 15 years during which each employee will play a significant role”. This message was shaped into a baseline, flagship statement for the entire project: “Let’s Shape the Future