Boutique Hotel in the Air

Boutique Hotel in the Air

Client company:
Brussels Airlines
Organising company:
Balthazar Events

The Event

Product Launch
Reveal of newly redesigned long-haul cabins
Create a connection between the sophistication and personalization of a boutique hotel and the on-board travel experience they provide

Our vision was one of three rooms in an airborne boutique hotel. Reflecting Brussels Airlines’ premium hospitality in the sky, we thought it our mission to tell a tale that would surprise, engage, and tickle the senses.

What we created was an extraordinary hotel journey, which immersed guests in a dreamy atmosphere where their every wish was catered to.

For the creation and decoration of this hotel, we used the beautiful existing elements of the Rue Royale mansion and added some carefully selected items to bring the Brussels Airlines boutique hotel to life.

The details, to us, were never the details. We created vibrant, colorful spaces, which invited guests to discover them. Each room had its own soundtrack, its own mood, its own lighting and color palette. We even hand-picked the right scent for each space.

Of course, we did not just want the rooms themselves to titillate the imagination. Every corridor or open space needed to be just as appealing.