Bea World Festival
Accelerate growth we are proud of

Accelerate growth we are proud of

Client company:
Mars Iberia
Organising company:
Unit Elements

The Event

Mars Iberia wanted to show their salespeople they had had a wonderful 2017. For that reason, we took the thrill of a theme park and made it our storytelling for a convention last February that had an extra goal: reflecting they had the best results thanks to their great values. For that reason we organized a CSR activity in which we invited 1600 children in need to Spain’s most famous theme park for the first time in their lives, and the salespeople shared the day with them.

Provided that Mars Iberia wanted to transmit a sense of wonder that had surrounded their 2017, we decided the best venue for our convention would be a theme park. We chose Port Aventura, Spain’s most famous theme park.