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> Two merging companies in the field of digital security.

To launch the new brand, it needed an event that marked A brand New Day, something breakthrough for the external but also for the internal audiences. The event needed to reflect the new group: a new shared history for employees from 2 different entities, and a disruptive story, centered on the consumerization of technologies, which is optimistic and caring for customers and opinion leaders. Thus, the whole launch rested on the staging and the scenography. Behind the curtain was seemingly organized for the external population but it put/staged the employees at the heart of the brand reveal in order to demonstrate the power and the innovation strength of a 14000-employee Group. Rebranding is an important moment in a company life, especially when it’s the result of a merger. The speech about the new brand and its identity is to be addressed externally as well as internally, but a question remains: in what order should this be made?Behind the curtain is a common session for both.