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Real Madrid´s Thirteenth Championship Celebration

Real Madrid´s Thirteenth Championship Celebration

Client company:
Real Madrid C.F.
Organising company:
EDT Eventos S.A.

The Event

The request of Real Madrid was divided into two slopes. On the one hand, the live broadcast of the UEFA Champions League Final at the Santiago Bernabéu. A retransmisión designed to the millimeter for the fans that managed to transmit to them what his team was feeling at the foot of the field. The second request of Real Madrid was that, in case of winning the match, all the necessary machinery would be activated to live a big celebration in Plaza de Cibeles and in the Santiago Bernabéu Stadi.

In this celebration we wanted to increase the expectation and creativity betting for the technology. We use huge screens arranged in the shape of a circle and those in the central cylinder of the field to project a summary of the history of the Real Madrid Football Club from their origins, going throw the 12 Champions League that the team has won so far and noticing the fact that with the 13 it has beaten all the records. Furthermore, after this visual spectacle, a few LED screens moved by automated arms gave the welcome to each of the players that crossed one by one the laser tunnel to do their appearance in the field. An audio-visual spectacle promoted by the music and the interventions of the emcee who put on foot the 80.000 live audience in the stadium.