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Municipality of Groningen
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The Event

Organizing King’s Day 2018, which marks the Dutch King’s 51st birthday. On this day, the city and province of Groningen offered a warm welcome to the Royal Family. The story of the Groningen region was told during a two-hour route through the historic center: the opportunities, developments, and the unique character of the region, as well as the problems in and around the city, were all meant to give all of the Netherlands an inspiring and festive experience of Groningen.

We approached eight ambassadors who (pars pro toto) each in their own way welcomed the King and his family to their Groningen.
“Welcome to my Groningen…” thereby became the leitmotif on which the entire route was designed.
“Welcome to my Groningen…” also became the theme of the marcom campaign that welcomed visitors and the general public to the city of Groningen. This theme offered us the opportunity to divide the route into various target groups: youth, students, entrepreneurs, etc.
“Welcome to my Groningen…” was also the title of the song that was composed especially for this occasion, and which thus provided the musical heartbeat of the whole event, and the route, as they were broadcast on TV.
The theme and its musical translation resounded in the smallest details, and made it possible for a massive public event to be experienced as one coherent whole.
The live event thus became a Royal campaign for the city of Groningen that will be proudly remembered for years to come.