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Grand Opening Les Bastions

Grand Opening Les Bastions

Client company:
Organising company:
VO Event & Luc Petit Création

The Event

Last 12 April, Les Bastions shopping mall opened its doors following its renovation programme. A day of activities culminating to a unique performance produced by Luc Petit CREATION. As per his usual standards, this show delighted the crowds with a poetic/sensational scenography. A fabulous introduction to the exclusive evening visit that took place immediately after the show.

To celebrate this C change, an inaugural evening was required, conducted by world acclaimed show producer Luc Petit. Since Luc is a local to the area (Tournai, Belgium), he was able to revisit and reinvent the location in a poetic and sensational fashion. A night that will no doubt be remembered by all. The idea was to immerse the visitors in an uplifting voyage through a series of key-words that define the BASTIONS, such as: Innovation, Family or Future. We therefore staged timeless characters manipulating giant coloured wheels, who symbolically represented the guardians of this prestigious venue. The show was climaxed into a spectacular fireworks display. A surreal odyssey in the clouds for the whole family to enjoy. To prolong the magic, the evening was topped off with a nocturnal visit of the new Bastions. The mall and all its stores exceptionally stayed open till 11pm, allowing visitors to browse and marvel at the new infrastructures in privileged conditions.