Client company:
British American Tobacco
Organising company:
180heartbeats + JUNG v MATT

The Event

2021 post pandemic. No one knows if any music festivals will take place. So we did it in the air. CLOUDS FEST – a series of sponsored music events with concerts in the balloon, in the clouds.

During the pandemic, there were no festivals and events in urban spaces. Classic streaming – even though we’ve only been using it in such an intrusive way for a year – already seems like a worn-out form of “replacing” concerts.

That’s why we decided to look at the matter a bit wider, in fact – higher. If we couldn’t organize the festival on the ground, we did it in the air.
For this purpose, we created an unusual platform – CLOUDS FEST with the balloon ‘stage’ in brand colors. The message of the series of concerts was ‘Fly high, land for a short while to fly higher again.’