Client company:
Tatra banka
Organising company:

The Event

How will the most innovative bank reward its retail managers? Objectives: to support the perception of Tatra banka core values, perception of Strategy, create experience for retail managers.

WE created an original Award concept that carries the DNA of the bank. Technology, Art and Education.
A unique NFT award carried innovation in all aspects of its design. NFT is a symbol of the Award of the new era of so-called non- fungible tokens, in other words – a unique digital items that are already quite popular in the world, especially among the young generation, but little known in Slovakia. The NFT was created from the statue of the Muse, which has been awarded as part of the Tatra banka Foundation Art Award for 25 years.
The statuette was digitally divided into 250 pieces and formed a mosaic. Each of the awarded employees received a one piece.
We thus connected the world of art with the world of digital, what led to employee’s inspiration and education.
NFT is part of the digital age, fits brand image and supports the innovative initiatives of Tatra banka in the perception of its employees.
mosaic of the NFT supported the claim together great things can happen.