Bea World Festival
Narod sobe – kultura tobe / The Nation for itself – Culture for the Nation

Narod sobe – kultura tobe / The Nation for itself – Culture for the Nation

Czech Republic
Client company:
Metronome Production s.r.o.
Organising company:
Metronome Production s.r.o.

The Event

Together with the Czech TV, and clients Generali CP, CS, Abakus and the National Theatre, we decided to interrupt the COVID cultural abstinence and shorten the waiting for live cultural events.

The National Theatre is a closed building. Usually only the main hall for spectators of the performance is accessible. We managed to present the whole theatre and to use places that are not used for performances, such as the roof, corridors, and cellars. And to use common places differently. For example, the artists could perform with their backs to the auditorium. There were no artistic performances at that time, which made it possible to make a unique connection among artistic genres. The event itself consisted of incredible 40 authentic projects, 200 people in the crew, 200 performers, ballet, 6 scenes, 65-member symphony orchestra, 100 members of the TV crew, and all together 3,5 hours of entertainment. The innovative and creative moment was primarily in the idea itself and in the technical realization of the whole project. Through the television and digital broadcasting, we managed to reach millions of people at home. We had hundreds of unusually enthusiastic reactions.