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Alexander Nevsky. The destiny of Russia.

Alexander Nevsky. The destiny of Russia.

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Balich Wonder Studio

The Event

The exhibition Alexander Nevsky – The destiny of Russia aims to celebrate the 800th anniversary of the hero and to further investigate various aspects between his biography and the Russian history.

The 800 square meters innovative exhibition represents a full journey inside the live of the Russian hero, with virtual reality, 5D cinema, augmented reality, holograms and video mapping. Step by step, the visitor goes through the highlights from the discovery of the village of Pereslav birthplace, to youth education in the art of war to arrive at the first major victory in the battle of the Neva River, reinterpreted here in a holographic cube with a three-level projection of content. The apex of the route is represented by the Ice Battle in which guests are involved in the dynamics of the battle thanks to a space covered largely by LED screens, mirrored surfaces, statues of Russian soldiers and highly engaging video content.The figure of Alexander Nevsky is also deepened by his diplomatic skills through a statuary installation of his visit to the founder of the Golden Horde Batu Khan. The final room represents a link between Alexander Nevsky and the Orthodox Church.