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Montenegro Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai

Montenegro Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai

Client company:
Government of Montenegro
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The Event

Simmetrico conceived and realized Montenegro’s exhibition “Blessed by Nature”, accompanying the country in the creation of its inaugural pavilion at a World Expo.

“Blessed by Nature” is the concept around which Simmetrico conceived the experience of the pavilion of Montenegro, to reflect the country’s identity and sensitivity to its natural resources. To do so, we wanted to transport Dubai’s visitors to Montenegro, through a space where they could directly interact with and experience its beauties, primacies and opportunities. From this aim, the poetic main installation was born: a luminous forest to pay homage to the features of the territory, and to immerse visitors in the country’s atmosphere. The changing colours of the forest’s lights follow the images shown in a large, central projection that functions as a window from which visitors can look out on Montenegro’s most beautiful landscapes. Moreover, an animated, interactive panorama, on a video mapped wall, invites visitors to discover its natural primacies first-hand, by touching it to spark unexpected animations, programmed to intersect and interact, making the landscape come to life.