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Merck 350 – Global Employee Event

Merck 350 – Global Employee Event

Client company:
Merck KGaA Darmstadt
Organising company:
fischerAppelt AG

The Event

The vibrant science and technology company Merck wanted to celebrate its 350th anniversary with all employees worldwide. Curiosity is the driving force at Merck. Therefore, we developed CurioCity: a digital city for all employees that grew through their engagement. In April 2018 CurioCity became real when 53.000 employees celebrated together. In a 24h livestream 12 locations worldwide passed a virtual baton and showed a 30-minute creative show and an individual interpretation of the Merck hymn.

Merck in Darmstadt developed from the oldest pharmaceutical company to a vibrant science and technology company. For Merck, curiosity is the driving force behind human progress and development. In 2016 Merck started the global brand and award-winning initiative of curiosity”: breakthroughs begin with curiosity. The 350th anniversary also evolved around curiosity and the claim: #alwayscurious – imagine the next 350 years” was chosen as the overall theme for all anniversary activities.
For the Global Employee Event we created an event-concept based on this claim, but truly unique for the target group of employees. Therefore, we create the idea of “CurioCity” – the city of curiosity. We wanted the employees to build their own place to meet, connect, get to know each other and explore the whole Merck world and to foster the feeling of “ONE Merck”.
53.000 employees should get a virtual place to celebrate curiosity and 350 years of Merck: CurioCity.