Client company:
Ville de Tournai
Organising company:
LPC Patrimoine

The Event

Tournai d’Été 2020, a successful challenge, a real feat: the only multidisciplinary show conceived, staged and performed in Belgium during the covid crisis!

While the measures imposed by the Covid are restrictive and disabling for the festivities that punctuate the community life of a city, they can also be a source of creativity in order to reinvent customs, processions and large gatherings.

Taking into account all the components of the equation: heritage, history, tradition, folklore, fervor, audience, music and songs, colorful exhibitions, etc. LPC Patrimoine has reinvented the formula to make it a “COVID-SAFE” version.

Reservations allowing tracing, ventilated and spaced gauge, management of public flows, distancing, health precautions at the entrance and between sessions, wearing of the mask, everything is taken into account so that the magic of the party can occur in all security.

“Yes it is possible”, possible to rediscover its folklore from a different point of view by bringing modernity, design lighting and daring soundtrack in order to shake up traditions while respecting sanitary measures.