Jameson’s Tractor for Tom

Jameson’s Tractor for Tom

Client company:
Jameson España
Organising company:
The Lighthouse

Category Winner

The Event

In the exact moment the CM’s tweet promising a tractor to a young farmer from La Carlota reaches 10,000 likes, the fulfillment of that promise becomes key not only with the farmer but all of twitter.

To deliver the tractor and give people what they wanted, a simple photo in the office was too small for us. For this reason, we decided to create an event in the farmer’s town: La Carlota. With time running out, we created a campaign with the hashtag #ElTractordeJamesonParaTom to advertise the event and show every step up to and including the day of the party. And when the day came, we went to the town and set up in its square an event that was very Jameson but also very La Carlota, with its hairdressers, clothing stores and food stalls, but also our bar, a stage, and a wedding chapel. And of course: a space platform where we place the tractor, the protagonist, where we also perform a mapping show on it. At the end, we deliver the keys with the people and all twitter as witnesses.