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Brembo. The Art of Braking. An engaging exhibition about brakes.

Brembo. The Art of Braking. An engaging exhibition about brakes.

Client company:
Brembo SPA
Organising company:
Balich Wonder Studio

The Event

An immersive pop exhibition at Milan Museum of Cultures, featuring installations that use technology, light design and videos to illustrate the history, shapes, materials, colors and design of brakes.

Brembo Brakes in a pop and immersive exhibition at Mudec Milano. Creativity and executive production curated by Balich Wonder Studio.
Control over energy and movement is an art: know-how, technology and innovation, but also a form of expression, style and design.
8 experiences and thematic areas dedicated to the evolution of the company. From the Origins and Birth of the Brand, through a sound installation dedicated to success in Racing, you are immersed in a laser cone that draws the Shapes of the performance of braking discs. An interactive video table illustrates the Materials, while a kinetic installation of colored suspended calipers introduces the Style of the brand. The Design awards won by Brembo are on display, before flying on the clouds of a sustainable sky in an infinity room. The visit ends by pressing a brake pedal that activates an immersive video on a electric car of the future.
The future of Brembo’s braking systems.