IQOS3 Media Event

IQOS3 Media Event

Client company:
Philip Morris Ukraine
Organising company:
Slupsky Event Management

Category Winner

The Event

Media/Opinion Leaders event to reveal&present new IQOS3 in Ukraine
agency tasks: propose the BIG idea, include digitalization and creative invitations, to bring maximum buzz and WOM

How to astonish and involve people who have seen almost everything?
How to reveal a new product in the most immersive way?
We believe BIG IDEAS are simple ideas.
So we invite our guests to take a walk INSIDE the IQOS device, transforming their customer experience into customer journey!
Step by step discovering the device from inside, guests literally experience main components, which make IQOS so unique: the natural taste of tobacco, technological superiority of the device and the unique IQOS lifestyle.
Our main challenge was to create true feeling you are inside IQOS. And make it «instagrammable» at the same time.
To make this journey more real we engage guests to use all 5 senses: to see, hear, touch, smell and taste.