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Panattoni HUB Opening

Panattoni HUB Opening

Client company:
Panattoni Europe
Organising company:

The Event

To launch the Panattoni HUB as a unique space for investors and make a huge impact on media and PR reach.

Definition of “HUB” means in common: the effective center of an activity, region, or network. “the city has always been the financial hub of the country”
An Idea of the concept called HUB- is to prove the existing goals of the investment, modern class “built to suit” space, with access to the docks and ground-level entrance, which can be used for storage purposes as well as light manufacturing. Space available for leasing at CELH includes standard units and also build-to-suit facilities
The brief was simple, we needed to show the enormity of the complex 360-degree engagement feeling. Inspire and motivate city officials, traders, and representatives of biggest companies in the region.