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Ron Barceló Desalia 2019

Ron Barceló Desalia 2019

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Ron Barceló
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The Event

One of the most successful and important annual projects in the spirits sector. Every year the new challenge of making the brand known to new consumers is raised, CREATING A LIFETIME EXPERIENCE.

Millennials see the future with disaffection, but the Generation Z people, frankly don’t about the future: neither is expected or wanted. Their mantra is that you have to live life: the only thing that exists is the present. Inspired by the “Nowism” movement, we decided to capitalize on the current trend and create the DESALIA LIVE NOW concept: The ultimate expression of “Living in the moment” in an experience as aspirational as ephemeral, with moments as valuable for their experience as for their digital projection. A concept that delves into the roots of the brand and its leitmotif “Live Now” with more meaning and greater strength than ever. The first challenge was to find a location. We traveled more than 1,400 km to locate the perfect site. A luxury resort and an exclusive beach. Then we shifted our focus on another crucial aspect of our strategy: the selection of influencers, youtubers and celebrities closest to the target audience to maximze the calling and the experience itself.