Bea World Festival
Chernobyl Predator

Chernobyl Predator

Client company:
Acer Ukraine
Organising company:
Fresh Marketing LLC

The Event

Bloggers engaging event developing loyalty to Acer and knowledge about Predator products, edutainment mix of quest game & immersive presentation in abandoned coal mining expo in Kyiv, August 2018

Insight told us – those guys need some strong impact to be impressed – take some trendy story, put it to a real-time VR+AR+Reality quest game in some extremely game-looking location. We took Chernobyl legend, reconstructed coal mine pavilion abandoned for over 20 years, placed there high-tech equipment keeping it creepy, and made 4 hours lasting emotional swing from shock to achievement time after time. We took guests from the sunny square by soviet style bus, where we put bags on their heads and we took it off deep underground in a scary old mine, full of monsters. Quest tasks based on radio-active and industrial motives mixed with AR intellectual tasks and VR zombies and physical cold iron or concrete interior – it all made them be maximally engaged to the game and interested in presentations looking like part of the game.