Copperhead Bartender Nights

Copperhead Bartender Nights

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copperhead gin
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The Event

Copperhead Gin is a leading premium gin brand. MeetMarcel organised an immersive event for 200 international bartenders and distributors. A disruptive concept to surprise the brand target group.

As the target group was international and heterogeneous we wanted to use this as an advantage in the event concept. The fact that guests didn’t know each other made an immersive event concept possible. Announced as a special ‘Gatsby party night’ in Belgium with only 24 hours to register we created a concept were people stepped into a live story. Together with professional actors from a London theatre company we started a live experience of the Gatsby story. To avoid that people would think it was just a theatre play, we also integrated 40 performers. Every night of the 3 planned event nights 1 on 3 persons was involved in the story. Once the play was over and the party started, the performers made the immersive confusion complete leaving guests behind with an unclear idea of what was real and what was not. With questions on who was guest and who was not…