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GENERALI Scintille 2018

GENERALI Scintille 2018

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Assicurazioni Generali
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The Event

Generali Scintille 2018 is a multi-stakeholder communication platform created for an effective and impactful storytelling of the new Generali 2021 strategy launch.

The strategic idea was to create a surprise effect on the public, embedding a high tech structure inside the venue Palazzo delle Scintille, a historic space near the new Generali Tower, that was abandoned over decades, to highlight the contrast between the “old” and the “new” strategic path of the Company. A structure of 2,500 square meters was then built with a Layher scaffolding system that served as a “container” and was deliberately left transparent in several parts to allow the vision of the building, concealing at the same time the most damaged and neglected parts. The Layher structure was highlighted by LED strips that enhanced the materiality, providing a very technological look to the workspaces. The participants were led through a cold and dark pavilion, to finally dive into an experience of lights, images, narration in the following spaces, each one with a different content.