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Convention Poltronesofà Madrid

Convention Poltronesofà Madrid

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H&A Europe

The Event

Convention/Special event to celebrate a year of great commercial success. The target audience was Poltronesofà employees and all the trade, about 1000 people from different European countries.

Madrid as a creative idea to meet the goals set. The Spanish capital, with a huge cultural heritage, made one of the city’s main symbols available to guests for the Gala dinner: the Plaza de Toros Arena, one of the largest and most prestigious arenas in the world. Flamenco is also passion, motivation, heat and above all it is red and black, like the social colors of the company. Poltronesofà is the first Italian group to use the Arena for a large dinner placé inside a transparent tensostructure of 1500 square meters.
The set up of the tables is red, like the ‘Baffo’ of Poltronesofà brand; guests were dressed in red and black, the social colors of the company. In addition, the Convention, a trade meeting aimed at strengthening the brand image created by advertising. On stage the ‘Artigiani della Qualità’, the testimonials of the advertising campaign to create the Brand Equity. 4 event days with 1000 people from all over Europe.