InvestmentAktuell – “Da5 Le6en 2ählt“ (life counts)

InvestmentAktuell – “Da5 Le6en 2ählt“ (life counts)

Client company:
Union Asset Management Holding AG
Organising company:
insglück Gesellschaft für Markeninszenierung mbH

Category Winner

The Event

Union Investment traditionally hosts the ‘InvestmentAktuell’ annual congress and evening gala at Frankfurts Palmengarten to inspire & convey its key message to the directors of its main partner banks.

Times, dates, telephone numbers, platform numbers, train and flight numbers, anniversaries, birthdays… We are surrounded by numbers every day. They mean different things to different people. Some numbers make us happy; others make us concerned. Union Investment launched a new and emotionally engaging brand campaign with a focus on numbers being a part of our lives. It provided the perfect starting point for a memorable event concept. We broke away from the rationality of numbers to show how they always guide us and surround us. According to the motto of “Da5 Le6en 2ählt” (life counts), we translated the tenor of the campaign into a captivating live format by creating a multi-sensory experience that delivered profound insights into life itself and the numbers in our lives – designed to amaze, amuse and inspire.