Client company:
The Coca-Cola Company - Fanta España

Category Winner

The Event

Multi-channel digital experience and brand activation using an innovative format with which Fanta wanted to celebrate the launch of its limited Halloween edition while connecting with teens.

We created a multi-channel experience with an innovative format, comprising 5 live streams on Twitch through 5 different channels (one for each guest streamer) and 5 aggregated audiences. AuronPlay, the 2nd most viewed Twitch streamer in the world, was the host and MC of Fantasmagoric Night. He was the only one of the protagonists, who could see and manipulate the events, all streamed through his channel.
There were 4 guest streamers all unaware of what would happen: Biyin, Perxitaa, Nil Ojeda and Gemita who, alongside their host, came together at a haunted mansion created exclusively for Halloween. A 400m2 film set with decoration worthy of a Netflix production and fitted with customised rooms, designed the specific fears of each guest in mind and from where they made their own live connections with their followers.
AuronPlay led the 1.5-hour event, playing numerous practical jokes on his guests. Viewers could interact with him helping AuronPlay to choose practical joke moments.