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T-Mobile Magenta Magic

T-Mobile Magenta Magic

Client company:
T-Mobile Polska
Organising company:
endorfina events

The Event

Magenta Magic event was a holiday corporate celebration, designed to unite employees of T-Mobile Polska under one goal: helping charity fundraiser for children.

The challenge:
We had only 2 months to plan and implement the event, which requires complex and multi-stage communication. By setting a common goal that brought T-Mobile employees together, attendance at the Christmas event doubled compared to last year, up to 60%! Thanks to extended internal communication of a common goal, any T-Mobile employees who could not appear at the event still decided to support a common charity. By increasing the awareness of chosen charity, an amount of 140,000 PLN was collected for the Dr Clown Foundation, exceeding the initially assumed amount. The purpose and manner of implementing the event, as well as its communication, strengthened the sense of belonging in T-Mobile employees – 80% of those participating in the event declared that they are proud of being part of the “T-Mobile family”. The event proved that for employees and management of T-Mobile, the slogan “Life is for sharing” is more than just a slogan.