Audi Summit for Progress 2022

Audi Summit for Progress 2022

Client company:
Volkswagen Group S.L
Organising company:
Sr. Goldwind and MKTG Spain

The Event

A public facing conference to communicate and make Audi’s brand philosophy tangible through the world’s brightest minds, who are developing ideas to change the future.

We created a conference to respond to Audi’s commitment to create a better future through progress and innovation. A future that for Audi is an attitude, a way of seeing life and of acting. We decided that the best way to give a voice to this philosophy was not through their products, but through those who are revolutionising ways of thinking and doing things differently on an international scale. Creative thinkers who inspire and generate change within issues linked to the brand’s DNA such as innovation, technology, mobility and sustainability.
For this reason, the agenda of the Audi Summit for Progress was made up of three main blocks: “The future of sustainable mobility”, “A people-centred society” and “Ideas for starting the future”.
The longer-term objective of our idea was to construct a powerful legacy for progress through the creation of this public platform which acts as a phygital forum for sharing and amplifying brilliant future changing ideas.

Live Presentations