Client company:
Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG
Organising company:
Pure Perfection GmbH

The Event

The target was to raise awareness for the 75 Years of Porsche Sports Cars anniversary in 2023 and strengthen the Porsche brand. The event in Stuttgart is the kick-off for the international activities.

The Porsche Museum in Stuttgart Zuffenhausen is the digital and physical archive of the past and future dreams of Porsche. An off-voice and video mapping brought the building to life to share its stories and knowledge about the brand. To also give a voice to the community, the Porsche Enthusiast was introduced. The enthusiast was an actress who played a curious character who asked questions, interacted with the museum and reacted to its stories. She transferred the emotions to the onsite participants and livestream viewers. Our characters opened the show and staged the transitions between the five chapters of the show: Driven by Heritage, by Zeitgeist, by Performance, by Pioneers and by Dreams. During the chapters Porsche management like Dr. Wolfgang Porsche and Oliver Blume and brand ambassadors like Marc Webber and Timo Bernhard shared their experiences and stories about the brand.

Live Presentations