Client company:
ILDS International League of Dermatological Societies & DSS Dermatological Society of Singapore
Organising company:
Triumph Group International

The Event

World Congress of Dermatology held in Singapore in 2023, for the first time in South East Asia: high impact, great media resonance and marked organizational complexity.

The creative idea was born from the application of the win-win model, already tested in the WCD2019 in Milan, to the city of Singapore.
Dermatology Beyond Borders, the payoff of the congress, expressed the hope that clinicians, researchers and industry would come together in Singapore to extend the boundaries of dermatology and improve skin health for all. In the same way, Triumph Group Int. extended the boundaries of the congress by incorporating the city, its habits and traditions, playing a game in favor of both.
An inclusive conference that celebrated diversity, guaranteeing gender balance among the invited personalities and geographical participation that was as heterogeneous as possible, also implementing scholarships available to low-income countries. It also celebrated the social community and promoted respect for the environment through a purpose-built sustainability structure and many personalized activities.

Live Presentations