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Wine Vision by Open Balkan

Wine Vision by Open Balkan

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Government of The Republic of Serbia
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The Event

The biggest and most important live event of this year in Serbia – the First International Wine Fair “Wine Vision by Open Balkan”, was successfully organised in Belgrade, September this year.

Creative inspiration was found in the aesthetics of the landscape and the unique ecosystem of the vineyard – better known as “terroir” – which represents the synthesis of climate, soil, climate, as well as the skills of the producers of the best wines in the world. In the Terroir hall, wines from the countries of the open Balkans, the organizers of this fair, were on display. Also, in the other hall event is conceptually inspired by the striking convergence of traditional and modern wineries. There, in one place, you could find old, museum exhibits related to growing vines and wine production, but also the most modern LED screens that educated visitors in an interesting and innovative way about the history, origin and types of wine, as well as the production process. There was exhibited the wineries from the different regions from the world. In order to complement the fair creatively with other content, an open air fest could be found outside where visitors could enjoy wine and music.