Fraunhofer annual event 2022

Fraunhofer annual event 2022

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The Event

A hybrid award ceremony & a meeting where the guests sit on turning chairs surrounding a central mirror object becoming part of the scenery. 5 award project stages surround them.

We needed to create a setting that presented Fraunhofer and the current time and at the same time was artistically sophisticated.

After two years of Corona and all the learning it entailed, we can bundle it all in hybrid events. In the center of the old hanseatic hall and five award winner stages, we find our live guests on turning chairs and a 5 meter high mirror object. In its reflections, we bring together the award winners and the audience as our active and essential science community.

The philosophical background:
The moderator views herself in the mirror, a camera films a camera filming her.
She is alone, the camera sees her face in the mirror. She is self-reflecting, first happy, then isolated, narcissistic. Suddenly she sees the others – across the mirror, an image of social communication, they come together, become one community, one power of applied science, one force to change the future.