Vodafone x OMR 2023

Vodafone x OMR 2023

Client company:
Vodafone GmbH
Organising company:
Uniplan GmbH & Co. KG

The Event

Designed space for Vodafone’s OMR 2023 event, promoting interaction and growth with sculptural trees reflecting partnership and people-centricity. Encouraging connection and togetherness.

The core idea was to create a space that encourages interaction and growth, symbolized by the sculptural trees. These trees represent an aura that encourages connection and reflect Vodafone’s commitment to partnership and people-centricity.The brief was to design a space for Vodafone’s OMR 2023 event that would bring people together and encourage growth and togetherness. The distinctive feature of the design revolved around the sculptural trees. These trees were not just decorative elements, but were carefully crafted to have a spatial presence that interacted on both a human and architectural scale.

Live Presentations