Client company:
Sanpellegrino S.p.a.

The Event

A live competition, held into two days, among 15 Young Chefs from all over the world. Three dinners in three different venues in Milan. An Award Ceremony Night and a Gala dinner by Massimo Bottura.

In this fourth edition, as for the competition, we set up the space giving a circular structure to obtain a strong visual impact on all the chefs competing, while, for the Ceremony Award we developed a new format for the protagonists and guests. We have indeed given a stage out of the box to the protagonists, making them subjects of a visual art exhibition, and to the guests a way to experience the event being tangibly part of it. The intent was to transform the award ceremony and the gala dinner, from being a ceremony with “actors” and spectators to an experience that enhances emotional involvement, the values ??of conviviality and sharing knowledge, in a context that smoothly combines Italianity and internationality. A journey in three acts at the Hangar Bicocca. A digital art gallery to reveal the protagonists. A parterre-style set to talk about the values ??of the Academy. A dinner marked by huge opposite led monoliths, setting the pace in leading to the final award ceremony.

Live Presentations