NEOM Media Industry Showcase

NEOM Media Industry Showcase

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HQ Worldwide Shows

The Event

The launch of NEOM’s latest soundstage and showcase of its cutting-edge facilities and support to industry professionals and content creators. Two days with full hospitality, operations and logistics.

The heart of the event space was in the Media Village and leading from the drop off point for the main evening events to the entrance of the Soundstage 2 building. This 200-meter walkway was flanked with both static beauty shots of NEOM in lightboxes showcasing what might be achievable in film production, as well as 300 SQM of LED screen with aerial, film studio and production content that had either been produced or was in the process of being done.
Within the main soundstage building, the space was divided into pre-function and auditorium. On night one, a hi-speed fabric reveal opened the main auditorium space to an orchestral score with kinetic lighting both movement and video mapped from the ceiling, centre projection screen flanked by to primary LED wings and two strip LED screens on the left and right walls. Further innovation was within the showrunning, with the primary keynote having no less than 157 cues in a 20 minute speech resulting in a fluid oration that was one of a kind

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