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beon. Worldwide

The Event

Conceptualization, creation and execution of the first virtual car exposition fair of Bmw & Mini for the Spanish market. A 3D immersive environment to recreate the sensation to be at a real fair.

A 100% virtual brand experience which allowed the guests to navigate through this virtual environment directly through the web menu or guided by a virtual assistant called “Lucas”. At the beginning of the experience guests were standing in front of two doors, first one was entering the BMW world and experience the different models of the brand, and the second door allowed the guests to enter the MINI experience. The virtual fair worked as two different areas as both brand have their own identity and wanted to transmit their own brandexperience. Guests were able to visualize and personalize the interiors and exteriors of the cars, access all possible technical files and information, contact directly with experts of the brand via a videoconference, book a test drive where staff of the brand brought the car at home of the client,or even the option of buying a car online. Different presentations were given throughout the fair in were the characteristics of the cars were highlighted.