Bea World Festival


Client company:
Xiaomi Technology Spain S.L.
Organising company:
Acciona Cultural Engineering

The Event

Present the new smartphone MI 11, focusing your communication on the incredible camera, capable of recording poorly lit and nocturnal environments.

When we could only go out during the day, we had a celeb to whom we asked what inspires him at night to launch our mobile in a format never seen before: the Night Film, with which we recorded a series of pieces in low light conditions to show the Mi11 capabilities. Through a digital and offline activactions, we launched a contest for ideas inspired by the night that would be shot with a Mi11. To expand it, we created a short film contest with the TAI school. The winners shot the pieces that were presented at the Malaga Film Festival with a Mi11, thus making Mi11 one of the festival’s protagonists. To present the campaign, we held an event on a movie theater with Miguel Ángel Silvestre and broadcast via streaming for fans of the brand.