Client company:
Sopra Steria AS
Organising company:
Just Cruzin´ Production AS

The Event

A digital kick-off for 1700 employees presented as a 40-minute action-thriller set in the world of Sopra Steria. It depicts how two heroes save the day with help from colleagues and their technology.

When we started to plan this event, we had become quite proficient in planning and executing digital events. Our events had evolved from simple webcasts to high quality digital events inspired by tv-entertainment like late night shows. Now we wanted to push the boundaries of digital events even further and decided on making a movie: A fictional movie that revolves around Sopra Steria, integrating messages from the management, Sopra Steria projects and technology, and where the red thread is Sopra Steria´s main purpose: digitalization and transformation. Furthermore, we wanted to engage the audience in an online escape game as part of the movie plot. In the movie the protagonists get trapped and reach out to the audience with a video message, telling them to help them out of captivity. After one hour of teamwork, the teams had made the task, and the movie continued ending in a big finale with the CEO rappelling down the façade of their office building, and capturing the antagonist.