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Sorgenia #always25november – Stories of reborn women

Sorgenia #always25november – Stories of reborn women

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The Event

An immersive installation that allows everyone, thanks to suspended telephone handsets, to listen to 10 stories of women who have redeemed themselves from physical, verbal and psychological violence.

A listening place, but a very special one. We wanted to create an eye-catching, colourful, brightly coloured installation with a clean, pop design, with 10 candy pink handsets suspended from the ceiling and a photovoltaic panel on the roof. By getting the ear next to the handset, it was possible to choose the voice of one of the 10 female figures who recounted in the first person their small and large personal revolutions towards inclusion. The installation promoted a project that went far beyond the individual days of activities: the stories are in fact also a podcast that can be listened to on all platforms and are an ebook, downloadable from the Sorgenia website and illustrated by Anna Godeassi. They were inspired by the principles of the Manifesto of Non-Hostile Communication, devised by the Parole O_Stili Association, and were created in collaboration with the Grande Casa onlus and the Department of Communication and Social Research of the Sapienza University of Rome.