Bea World Festival


Client company:
MVM Energy Private Limited Liability Company

The Event

MVM ZENERGIA is a classical music concert held in the name of charity, with the participation of the most prominent Hungarian performers. The musical program was made even more colorful by spectacular

The music program revolves around different themes and concepts every year
The special feature of the event is that we did not put on stage an existing band line-up/show, but these domestic talents, outstanding and recognized in their profession, came together just for this one occasion.
In addition to the music performances, we had to come up with a concept for the entire event, we designed its own image with a logo, animations, a unique set and visuals designed just for this occasion.
The visual experience inherent in the ZENERGIA concept is implemented in the form of mapping. The challenge was how to create the interface required for mapping at the given location. This is how we came up with the idea to build a unique 3D wall. We turned not only the stage part, but the entire environment into a part of the visual experience. We lit the ceiling with 40 robotic lights, which lighting matched the current mapping content. The entire auditorium was projected with a total of 11 projectors