Client company:
Yolo Group
Organising company:
Milestone Events

Category Winner

The Event

The goal of the event was to have a moving, artistic and story-telling “message” to engage employees in a way that is both appropriate and emotionally resonant after such a challenging year.

The gala element became a sinusoid, symbolizing life. A wavy line, marked by both lows and incredible highs, one impossible without the other.

We aimed to remind everyone that everything starts from nothing. While guests knew they were coming to a grand gala, upon entering the ice-hall, they found themselves in an entirely empty blackbox. The regular ceiling lights were on, without a stage or any festive elements. Confusion and even a hint of disappointment lingered in the air… We had arrived at the perfect starting point — a state of nothingness — the start of Yolo.

The opening show presented an honest and vulnerable “Yolo story,” weaving together narratives from the 1st to the 1000th employee, while also highlighting the most challenging moments.

As the timeline progressed, different areas were unveiled, each designed in honor to Yolo brands and employees.

A highlight aspect of the visual experience was a first-of-its-kind solution in Estonia: a personal screen for each table.

Live Presentations