IMPACT – The marketplace experience

IMPACT – The marketplace experience

Client company:
Schibsted Nordic Marketplaces
Organising company:
Just Cruzin´ Production AS

The Event

Internal event for 1200 employees at Schibsted Nordic Marketplaces, an operator of digital marketplaces in more than eight European countries. The event took place in Oslo, Norway in May 2023.

Being a visionary company dedicated to creating sustainable digital marketplaces with a strong commitment to re-commerce, we sought to encapsulate NMP´s core essence during this event. The solution? To transform the venue into an actual marketplace.

Much like a traditional marketplace, the venue was thoughtfully designed to include secondhand shops, food trucks, games, immersive activities, entertainment, and relaxing hangout areas adorned with light chains, benches, and serene chill-out zones. What set this marketplace apart was its unwavering dedication to sustainability, as every component used in its construction was sourced from our extensive warehouse, a repository of treasures accumulated over more than two decades of events.

NMP is comprised of four divisions: Jobs, Real Estate, Mobility, and Re-commerce, each specializing in its unique domain. Naturally, the marketplace was divided into four distinct zones, with each zone meticulously representing one of these four areas.

Live Presentations