Bea World Festival
Russian Copper Company’s Pavilion

Russian Copper Company’s Pavilion

Client company:
Russian Copper Company
Organising company:
Simmetrico Srl

The Event

Simmetrico designed and delivered – in turn-key condition – a two-storey building with exhibition areas, meeting halls, kitchen, bar and restaurant. Their ability to harmonise functional, technological and aesthetic complexity led to a wow” space that captivated visitors, created photo opportunities for them and made them exclaim, This is the best stand!” The foundations of the project are the Italian taste of the design, technologies pushed to their limits and contents that are enjoyed as e

In the creative concept proposed by Simmetrico, copper plays the starring role. Copper was the first metal to be extracted and processed by human beings, and an entire age of human development is named after it. It is currently the world’s third most extracted metal and continues to be inseparably bound to the progress of technological innovation. Copper is part of our DNA of humans who are constantly evolving. The visual theme is a copper DNA chain that stretches across the entire pavilion. The building’s exterior is a trailer” of what visitors will see inside – it is almost a poster of the Russian company’s technological power, size and passion. Inside, everything is organised around a large kinetic column, the hub of the pavilion. A large helix staircase develops around it, leading to the first floor. The shiny white colour of the cover elements creates a precious space, balanced between a research laboratory and a reception hall.