Bea World Festival
International Media Launch BMW M5 & BMW i3s

International Media Launch BMW M5 & BMW i3s

Client company:
BMW Group
Organising company:
HAGEN INVENT GmbH & Co. KG and POOLgroup GmbH

The Event

In November 2017, for the first time in BMW’s history, two new products of the sub-brands BMW i and BMW M were presented at a joint international press event: the new BMW M5 with its outstanding motorsports heritage. And the BMW i3s which redefines sustainable mobility. HAGEN INVENT created and realized a concept which met the core objective and challenge of presenting both models on equal terms in their respective brand worlds. 280 journalists experienced the launch event in a 24-hour-program.

On a conceptual level, the core challenge lay in combining two different models at opposite ends of the spectrum, two different sub-brands and brand worlds, on equal terms within one media launch event. The motto of the event – created by HAGEN INVENT – provided the solution: Brothers in Mind – as both models, as different as they may appear at first sight, equally reflect the DNA of BMW and share BMW’s core values. The motto and theme Brothers in Mind – Connected through Performance allowed HAGEN INVENT to realize a combined media launch event that reflected and staged the shared brand core on the one hand, as well as each models’ uniqueness on the other hand. To create a unified dinner set-up and show concept underlining the motto, elaborate LED installations were put in place both within the pits and alongside the stands. The innovative LED installations allowed for an impressive and visually compelling backdrop to a spectacular car presentation which triggered social media posts.