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Launch of the new Ferrari Portofino for top customers worldwide.

From the brief, we knew that the new car would be the heir to the Ferrari California but no-one knew that it would be called Portofino. However, there was everything for the value of the product in Portofino but it was immediately clear that it was an impossible location technically and logistically – there was neither the space nor the structure for two events, each with 600 guests. As Stravinsky said, “The more constraints one imposes, the more one frees oneself…”
Insisting on Portofino led to a unique, courageous idea which produced a memorable experience – construct a floating theatre ad hoc and anchor it in the water at Portofino, among yachts and motorboats. A theatre with a double reveal – the screen which opened on Portofino, illuminated by a light show, and the new Ferrari which came onto the framed stage in Portofino, its ideal, unique context.
Then, exclusively for the evening, all the restaurant at the centre of the experience in the square hosted the gala dinner.