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Connections, the Belgian travel specialist, let the public discover one of the most beautiful cultures in the world in the Docks Dome in Brussels. In an Asian setting transformed into perfection, from floral decoration to maki-creation workshops, lush geisha to traditional Japanese art, the discovery of the Asian culture has fulfilled its promise. Thanks to a strong program and the recreation of an impeccable Asian world, true to reality, the Asian Day enticed over 1,400 travel enthusiasts.

The Asian Day was designed to be a true experience as it was a unique mix of two concepts. On the one hand, it was an event in the classic sense that there was a wide range of animation throughout the day; geisha on stilts, real Asian workshops, live cooking demos, authentic ceremonies, expert keynote speakers,… And on the other hand, Asian Day took the form of a trade show as there were booths and partners present, spread all over the different halls where all guests could gather information for their trips. This remarkable combination of two types of events turned Asian Day into an unforgettable live experiential happening.