Bea World Festival


Client company:
Organising company:
Jack Morton Worldwide

The Event

Jack Morton designed the HERE exhibit for CES in January 2018. The objective was to showcase HERE’s core solutions and innovations while accentuating their partnerships and strategy for the future. This was executed by creating an immersive sensory experience highlighting the interconnectivity between solution demos. The exhibit was aimed for current partners, companies with prospects for future collaborations with HERE and individuals with an interest in data solutions.

The idea was to immerse participants into the constant flow of data to feel the Pulse of the Reality Index”. The flow of the space was intentionally systematic. HERE’s partnerships and notable collaborations needed to be highlighted to capture audience attention and intrigue through the external architecture of the exhibit. Upon entering, the audience would be presented with a holistic display of HERE’s long-term vision: The Autonomous World. Only after a comprehensive understanding of the macro-perspective, would the audience be presented with the demo space, unveiling the individual mechanisms that build this world. The Open Location Platform, strategically placed in the centre of the space would represent the heart of the HERE vision. The interconnectivity between solutions would be visualized through LED pathways. Real time data generation would feed this process demonstrating effectively that the audience provides the fuel that powers the Autonomous World.