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Johan Cruijff ArenA
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The Event

What’s the best way to rename Amsterdam ArenA stadium after one of the greatest soccer players ever, namely Johan Cruyff? By engaging as many people as possible, in the Netherlands and abroad, despite a very limited budget. At iconic Johan Cruyff locations, locals, fans, and friends got the unique chance to honor Cruyff with the stadium that was renamed after him. Everyone got the chance to press a specially designed red button, helping to turn the Amsterdam ArenA into the Johan Cruijff ArenA.

We wanted the stadium to be opened by the real fans and friends. It was definitely not supposed to be a VIP party. So we gave everyone the chance to rename the stadium with a personal touch. We brought the red button on the red carpet” to the people. At 14 (Johans shirt number) different iconic locations over the course of a weekend, we asked the public to officially rename the ArenA. Not to only inform them, but to involve and engage them! Johan was after all, of ‘all the people’! A selection of the most personal and special messages was edited down and shown to the press during the official event, which took place on the birthday of Johan Cruyff. The last person to be shown in the series was Johan Cruyff’s personal friend and famous soccer player Frank Rijkaard, who pressed the same red button in the same setting where more than 4,000 fans had pressed it before him.